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About the Programs Directory

The Programs Directory is the easy-to-use applications repository created by Ceedo, to allow Ceedo users to easily install programs with a single click.

How to Access the Programs Directory

There are two ways to access the Programs Directory

  1. From the Ceedo toolbar, open the Ceedo easy-access menu and select Programs Directory shortcut.

    The Programs Directory will open in Internet Explorer, giving you access to a list of programs such as instant messengers, web browsers and more. The available applications are broken down into the following categories: Productivity, Instant Messengers, Web Browsers, Fun & Games, Photo Editors, Media Players, Utilities, and IT Corner.
  2. You can access the Programs Directory directly by typing into the address bar of your favorite web browser to view and install the available applications.

Should the need arise to provide a self-service online applications catalog to employees so they can install applications to their Ceedo workspaces, Ceedo can provide a customized programs directory for your company. This is sold separately.

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